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Kurzprofil : Bin derzeit sehr selten wirklich online hier, sry :/
Beziehung zu Forum/Thema: Frau
Sternzeichen: Aue (Genderalarm!)
mehruebermich: Im a young in heart and bit of a crazy, cheeky 🖤 goth ISTJ-T Girl from Austria/Vienna who loves to get more in contact with Alternative Guys or Girls (yeah im Demi-Pan and like ya all ) for a nice talk and NOT searching for more than Friendship because im in a closed relationship.

I love Piercings and Tattoos! Myself i have some Facepiercings and 10+ Tattoos (and yeah much of them you often dont see on most of the old Photos). Im socialy akward because i´m overthinking, introvert and shy, but im a really lovely and careing person, so give me some time to warmup. Im more into listening, commenting or answering and hold the talk running, then active talking ^^´ Online im bit more opend when got a bit of a working conversation, so dont be suprised ^^

-Likes: Again Alternative people , my Boyfriend, my hobbies, be with friends, my Dog, Music from Darkwave/Synth, GothRock to DarkElectro and some kind of metal and 80s

Ask me for my long list of interests and hobbies

-Dislikes: s*x Dates&Chats, People who dislike me before they know me, The s**t thats going on in this cribbling world, Trans/Homophobia/Racist, People who are mean to animals, This damn Number called my Age witch doesnt reflect my personality, how i look, and my behaviour >.< *bites it away* So try not to have a problem with it plz ^^

For more Infos contact me, i have plenty of interests and very curious for new things too.

Dont ask for my contacts if ya just want er***c pictures/Talk, in this case fu*k off!

You can ask for my Telegram (Mainly used), Instagram, or Skype Name.
Ort: Wien
Land: Österreich
Interessen: Schwarze Partys, Gothic, Billard, shoppen, mein Hund, E-Gitarre, Kuschel/Filmabende, Tennis, Badmington, Tischtennis und so viel mehr! Bin also für noch viel mehr Schandtaten bereit ;)

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